Zuzana KaliňakováTvorba / NOIR

DAY 299
Názov: DAY 299
Technika: grafit, suchý pastel, uhlík
Rozmer: 65x92cm
Rok: 2020
séria: Noir

Artist Statement


the black series of drawings which I started working one year ago and  I still continue brings up all the black mediums from charcoal, to the black ink, black pastel, oil pastel to the graphite. It builds up different effects, such as matt, shiny, transparent blacks. The pallet of one colour fascinates me. With small a hit of silver or brown shades of natural charcoal the black dominates but brings up variations, music like.

the series is inner record of the rebirth of my mind, understanding of my own mind, the paths of mind, fractals, memories, connections,  and associations. Works I made before were focused on decomposition, tearing, cutting of the finished artworks and sawing then back together in new composition. This series I try to make the same but inside of my mind, with my own mind, cutting memories, looking on it from above,

a kind of rebirth.


Zuzana Kalinakova                                                                                                     25.01.2020